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Who we are


Local qualified sources. That's the model.


Each CVA is the "owner" of their local market. This empowers CVAs with the freedom to serve their local community the way they feel is appropriate, all while providing a consistent process, procedure, and system to local government guaranteed lenders.

Access to inexpensive capital is vital to small businesses. Our goal is to provide appropriate, plain language valuation reports to lenders to aid in this process.


This allows lenders to make reasonable small business lending decisions, while providing their borrower a great lending experience.


Using consistent, universal certified valuation methodology and processes allows lenders, buyers/sellers, and government stackholders a consistent form of procedures and outcomes.  



What we do


We perform certified business valuations for SBA lenders.


This service requires a valuation service that is accurate, timely, and certified by a professional group of standards.


We take pride in our work and want to provide a service that is valued in its process, system, and delivery.


We provide clear communication through out the process, while providing valuations that are clear to understand in its logic and rational.


Our goal is to provide an experience that is clear, consistent, and accurate. Providing this service is the core of our business.


We believe in what we do and want to continuously improve it.


Legal Research and Writing

How we do it


Government guaranteed lending is a specialty and so are we.


At times, navigating SBA and USDA lending can be complicated. Our goal is to improve that process by providing independent certified due diligence to government guaranteed lenders.


We have refined our system, databases, and processes to provide a seamless program for delivering a business valuation that meets standard requirements.


By focusing on one market we have refined, scaled, and improved our process. This makes the experience better allowing the SBA lender to close their loan in a timely manner.


By specializing in one industry we have improved our process to deliver certified business valuations better, within a reasonable time frame, at a reasonable cost.






Discussing the Numbers

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