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Conclusion of Value


Determining the fair market value of a private business can be challenging. Providing a specific valuation model that has been tested through common methods can assist in the process.


Our certified Conclusion of Value reports have been reviewed, refined, and tested to the specifications of nationally recognized professional organizations. This provides a comprehensive perspective into the fair market value of a private business entity.

Recommended uses: Litigation, ESOPs, Estate, Divorce, Buy-Sell


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Opinion of Value


Although a Conclusion of Value report provides insight on specific market trends and comparables, not all situations are the same. 

An Opinion of Value uses a summary of common methods to help determine market value and market trends within specific sectors. This can help provide a unique economical perspective to determine value and valuation trends.

Recommended uses: Negotiation, Annual Review, Preparation


SBA Conclusion of Value


The SBA's SOP requires a very specific type of report. An SBA Conclusion of Value has been reviewed, refined, and tested to the specifications of the SBA's SOP. This provides SBA lenders a unique perspective into the value of a small business.


This customized SBA report meets the specific requirements currently listed by the most up-to-date SBA's SOP. 

Recommended uses: SBA 7a/504 Financing, Internal Lender Use  


As of June 1st, 2020 review our Pricing Guarantee

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Market Comparable Search


Market Comparable Search allows a glimpse into current local market trends for business valuation. Each business and market has specific trends and variations to determine overall value. This report can help identify those variations within a specific market at a specific time.

Private businesses sell everyday, our databases monitor this sales activity to identify value, market tendencies, and earnings growth.


Recommended uses: Preliminary Discussions, Understanding Market


Industry Pulse Report


The growth of specific industries can differ drastically considering current and forecasted economic, political, and social factors. The Industry Pulse Report identifies these factors, analyzes their impact on industry value, while indicating sector tendencies. 

This one page report uses specific local bench-marking to help understand business industry value as compared to other businesses operating within the same industry. 


Recommended uses: Initial Discussions, Understanding Industry


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Feasibility Study


The success or failure of any business venture can be impacted by many factors. These factors can be identified, analyzed, and assessed using a feasibility study.


In some instances, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires a feasibility study in certain business ventures allowing the business owner/risk taker to better understand the probability of success or failure considering associated credible risk factors. 


Recommended uses: SBA 504, USDA, Capital Intensive Ventures


Value Improvement Plan® (VIP)


The enterprise value of a business is compromised of three factors; operations, earnings, and risk. These factors can be substantially impacted by implementing a specific improvement system.

This 12 month consulting program analyzes the overall operation and improves the factors impacting business value.


Recommended uses: Operational Improvement, Sale Preparation


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