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"Our CVA was professional and accommodating, he took us through the entire process while communicating each phase."


- SBA Preferred Lender, Maine






"Our CVA produced a report that had all the required information for the SBA and the report was fully explained in plain language. We understood why the business was valued the way it was and fully understood each number used."


- SBA Preferred Lender, Texas






"National Business Valuation was very professional, we understood each step and they did what they said they would do. I know that seems simple, but in our industry that is a big deal. Great Job!"


- SBA Lender, Florida

"The CVA was available through the entire process. It was extremely nice to have one person to contact on the status. They delivered the valuation before the anticipated delivery date and all the information was complete and easy to understand."


- SBA Preferred Lender, Oregon






"Our business was somewhat unconventional, but theCVA was very accommodating while communicating with us throughout the entire process. Our CVA gave us updates and we were fully informed. When the valuation was delivered, it was easy to understand. This helped us in explaining it to the customer. Great experience"


- SBA Preferred Lender, New York






"Our CVA helped us deliver a quality experience to our customer.  They delivered a quality valuation while understanding the requirements of the SBA."


- SBA Lender, Arizona





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