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SOP 10 5


The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides lenders a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as a public document for all lenders to refer to and abide by when issuing SBA guaranteed loans.


We highly recommend that all lenders refer to this document when deciding if a business appraisal is needed and who is qualified to perform it.


The SOP is very specific in the requirements of a business valuation. National Business Valuation is seasoned in these requirements and will ensure the business valuation abides by the guidelines set forth in the SOP by the SBA.


This document is updated and revised on regular basis and is listed on


If a lender has a question on choosing a business valuation professional, they can contact their local SBA Lender Relations Specialist at their local SBA District Office.


The SBA cannot endorse or recommend a professional service provider. The SBA depends on the lender's due diligence when seeking a professional service provider.



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