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Key Person Interview


Each business valuation involves a Key Person Interview. This interview is conducted by the CVA and is approximately one hour in length.


This interview is conducted over the phone and involves the CVA and any Key Persons involved in the business. This interview may or may not be conducted with the owner. This allows the CVA to get a better perspective of how the business operates as a functioning entity.


Each business operates differently and a Key Person Interview allows the CVA to gain the most accurate depiction of the business possible.


Each CVA is trained and experienced in conducting these types of interactions, while allowing any and all Key Persons to discuss the general operations of the business.

Data Driven


Our reports are driven by data. This means that the fair market value of any particular business is subject to the current economic performance of that industry. 


This economic performance is reflective in research data that the market is displaying. Our reports reflect the current market by citing and documenting specific trusted data that we believe is accurate and reasonable.


This allows our reports to contain the latest, most accurate information currently available in the market. We use multiple sources to cross reference this information with internal proprietory databases to generate a reasonable and true business value.


We try our best to stay away from plug numbers and only use trusted data analytics as our primary source of valuation. 



What good is a report if the reader cannot fully understand it? We try our best to provide accurate reports that the reader can fully understand.


We understand that the reader may not be fully aware of business valuation terms and jargon. Therefore, we make every effort to explain our reports using terminology that the reader can understand.  


Providing a report that is readable and robust is our goal. Our reports are intended to provide the reader with the information of the logic, rational, and process we went through to generate a value.


We believe each of our reports are readable and in terms an individual with little or no experience in reading business valuations can be comfortable in understanding.

Business Risk Analytics


A business can obtain success by using different strategies. These strategies are not always reflective in financial statements.


By looking past the financials and understanding a business's strategy, operations, and customers we can measure trends in the risk a business may present. These trends may also present a certain level of risk to the future operation of the business.


Risk trends can have large impact on the value of a business. By better understanding the level of risk a particular business may present, we can better understand the business's subsequent value. 


Risk and value are closely related. Assessing risk and fully understanding a business's risk assessments allows us to generate an accurate value.

Summary Valuation


Summary Valuation Reports are one page reports featuring the key valuation data of specific industries.


This macro valuation data allows the reader to gain information concerning valuation trends within a particular industry. This helps lenders or the lender's customer to gain broad valuation knowledge of a particular industry without having the expense of a certified valuation. 


Please note this report does not satisfy the SBA's SOP requirement of an Opinion of Value, but only represents a broad stroke valuation of a particular industry.


To request a free example contact a CVA directly

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