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For SBA Lenders


Lenders have very specific needs for very specific regulations. We understand these requirements. If you are a lender that needs a business valuation appraisal to satisfy an "in house" requirement or for a government loan program such as the SBA or USDA, we can accommodate. 


Lenders have the flexiblity to use our No Cost Review program, while also working with a CVA one on one to accommodate Current Turntimes.   


Step Two: Engagement Letter


* The CVA will then email the lender an engagement letter with pricing and a list of the documentation needed


* Once the engagement letter is signed by the lender and sent back with the required documentation, the CVA will complete the business appraisal


* If it appears that the business appraisal is lower than the stated amount financed, the CVA will contact the lender immediately



Step One: Inquiry


* Begin by emailing 


* A Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) will contact the lender within 24 hours


* The CVA will obtain some preliminary information concerning the loan and the business 

Step Three: Delivery


* The CVA will then electronically deliver the business valuation accompanied with a payment invoice to the lender and mail a hard copy in 2-4 weeks


* The invoice will be due to be paid by the lender within fourteen (14) days after the delivery date


* The lender will receive a survey soliciting feedback about their experience

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