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For Advisors



Advisors play an important role in a business valuation.


Whether you are a CPA, Wealth Manager, or Other Advisor when considering outsourcing or referring a client to a qualified business valuation specialist, understanding the process is important.





Step Two: Engagement


* If you are outsourcing a business valuation, the CVA will then obtain the advisor's authorization to proceed


* Once this authorization is verified, payment method information will be exchanged and required documentation will be collected, if necessary


* One half (50%) of the agreed amount will be initially charged to the preferred payment method. The remaining half (50%) will be charged once the business valuation is complete but before delivery




Step One: Inquiry


* Begin by contacting a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) 


* The CVA will obtain preliminary information concerning the situation and the business in question



Step Three: Delivery


* The CVA will then electronically deliver the business valuation to the advisor accompanied with a paid receipt


* A paper copy will be mailled within 1-2 weeks from electronic delivery


* The advisor will then receive a survey soliciting feedback about the experience 

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