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For Business Owners


Most people, whether buying, selling, exiting, or managing a business, don't fully understand every factor that determines the value of a business. Each business has an intangible value, whether negative or positive. A business valuation can help provide reasoning behind the value of a private business.


Whether you are buying, selling, or considering a business, knowing how and why a business is valued the way it is can be a huge benefit in negotiations, estate planning, or tax obligations.



Step Two: Engagement Letter


* At this time, if you choose to proceed, the CVA will gain your authorization on proceeding


* Once this authorization is verified, a preferred payment method will be exchanged and required documentation will be collected, if necessary


* One half (50%) of the agreed amount will be initially charged to the preferred payment method. The remaining half (50%) will be charged once the business valuation is complete but before delivery




Step One: Inquiry


* Begin by determining the type of valuation needed


* Make contact with a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)


* The CVA will obtain preliminary information concerning your situation and the business in question 

Step Three: Delivery


* The CVA will then electronically deliver the business valuation to the business owner accompanied with a paid receipt


* A paper copy will be mailled within 1-2 weeks from electronic delivery


* The business owner will then receive a survey soliciting feedback about the experience 

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